The Nest Box

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The Nest Box, located in Summerville, South Carolina, is a store dedicated to the health and well being of exotic birds. We sell accessories to enrich parrot's lives such as toys, seed, pellet, cages, books, play stands and gyms and much more.

Birds Make Wonderful Pets

Birds are:

Very Intelligent - Their ability for learning and curiosity make them fascinating pets.

Easy to Care For - If you are busy or at work birds can be left safely in their cages. There are no daily walks, no litter boxes to empty and no backyard to scoop.

Fairly Simple to Train - Their above average intelligence and eagerness to learn new things make them fairly easy to train.

Require Minimal Grooming - A nail and wing trim every now and then and a shower (misting with plain water) two or three times a week keeps their feathers shiny and clean.

Very Social - With proper training and socializing birds are as loving and affectionate as a cat or dog.

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 Birds / Aviaries

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The Nest Box

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