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When Melissa Gray adopted Daisy, a sweet older (10ish) Lab/Chow mix, she had no idea of the impact that Daisy would make on her life. Like many people, Melissa had never even thought about adopting an older dog. Then she met Daisy, one look into her trusting, loving eyes and Melissa knew she and Daisy were destined to be together. Like many older dogs, Daisy was deemed inconvenient by her thoughtless owner and was dumped in a rural high kill shelter.

Daisy was also heartworm positive. Melissa made sure that Daisy underwent heartworm treatment immediately – and after two months Daisy was on her way to a full recovery.

The bond between the two became stronger each day and Melissa couldn’t imagine her life without Daisy – she brought so much love and joy into her life! Daisy went everywhere with Melissa and social invitations always included her as everyone who met Daisy fell in love with her easy going and friendly manner.

Seven short months after Melissa adopted her – Daisy became ill. Melissa brought her to the vet several times and it was thought that she had a stomach bug. After more than a week, Daisy still hadn’t recuperated and xrays detected a spot on her spleen. Daisy was rushed to a specialist and an ultrasound confirmed that she had a mass, which was most likely cancerous. Melissa had to make a hard decision – if Daisy didn’t have surgery she would almost certainly bleed out, but surgery was risky due to the fact that she had so recently undergone heartworm treatment. Melissa consulted another vet who agreed that surgery was the best option for Daisy.

The next day, Melissa and Daisy got up early, went for a nice long walk and then sat together in a quiet meditation. At 9:00 am they were at the vet where they began prepping Daisy for surgery. Melissa stayed by her side until the moment they took Daisy into the operating room. For several hours, Melissa waited and prayed. At 12:45 the surgeon came out and asked Melissa and her husband to come into one of the exam rooms immediately. He told them that Daisy had done well throughout the surgery but was not waking up from the anesthesia. Melissa was brought into the operating room where she stood gently stroking her precious Daisy as she passed away quietly on the operating table.

Melissa decided then and there that part of her life’s work would be to save and find loving homes for older Retrievers (and mixes!). As a tribute to her beloved girl, Daisy’s Place was born.

Five days later, Melissa received a phone call that a local shelter had an older Lab/Hound mix scheduled to be euthanized (due to her age which the shelter guessed to be around 9 years old). The dog was a stray and nobody had claimed her – Melissa knew instantly that she had been sent by Daisy and immediately brought her home. Magnolia became the first dog to be rescued by Daisy’s Place and is thriving and happy in her new forever home!

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Daisy's Place Retriever Rescue

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