Catnip Cottage

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There's a home called "Catnip Cottage" beneath a Rainbow's span
Created by direction of our Lord's great guiding hand
Thus guided by St. Francis, this loving place is filled
With Kitties of all sizes, all because He willed

They come as little kittens, they come as older cats
They cuddle up together, and sometimes there are spats
But safely in this cottage, and other Foster Homes
They have the time to live and look - for their "Forever" homes.

And in Andy's Sanctuary, they can safely play out in the sun
There's space enough for napping, and space enough to run
And God has blessed this cottage, and all that dwell within
To live the life span that is theirs, for that is up to Him.

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 Animal Shelter / Rescue

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Catnip Cottage

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