Carolina Coonhound Rescue

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Carolina Coonhound Rescue was formed out of a passion for animals and especially hounds. We are a small rescue that has grown rapidly. We are set in place to help place hounds into loving homes where they will be appreciated as the awesome family pets they are. Many times hounds find themselves in shelters because they are abandoned after a hunting season or they prove to be too much to handle for a family looking for a "lazy" dog. Hounds were developed to hunt and be able to travel long distances. They are more often than not very energetic dogs who require physical and mental stimulation in order to live harmoniously with a family. We do NOT euthanize any animal that we feel can be rehabilitated and use many different training methods to help achieve a dog that we would consider adoptable. Most of the hounds that come to us from shelters have little to no basic training due to life as a hunting dog. Hounds can be hard headed and stubborn but I have yet to meet a "dumb" one. This is why we incorporate more than one training method/tecnique into our program. Not all hounds respond to the same "rewards".
All of our hounds are fully vetted before they are adopted (and as soon as we can get them into rescue). This includes their vaccines, spay/neuter and microchip. We have an adoption process in place to help insure that these hounds are placed into loving homes and ALWAYS take dogs back from adopters if something happens that forces the family to give up the dog. Microchips stay registered to our organization and we update the families information to insure that any animals that may be picked up by animal control or that end up back in a shelter will come back to our rescue. We work very hard to make sure that our dogs never end up stuck in shelters again.
If you are interested in adopting fostering or donating please contact us!

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Carolina Coonhound Rescue

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