Carolina Basset Hound Rescue

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CBHR is a volunteer-staffed nonprofit organization whose mission is to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome unwanted basset hounds in North Carolina and South Carolina

Due to limited resources, the concentration of CBHR is on bassets in the Carolinas. Rescued bassets primarily come from animal shelters in areas canvased by volunteers in various regions of North and South Carolina. Under certain circumstances, CBHR accepts owner-relinquished dogs. As with all breeds, overpopulation and owner irresponsibility contribute to an abundance of animals. CBHR is a fully recognized 501(c)3 organization.
People often buy a basset hound on impulse. Basset hounds, as with all pets, require a tremendous amount of commitment (time & financial) and energy. Frequently, the acquisition of a basset hound is not thoroughly thought through. Once new owners realize the commitment a basset requires, they dispose of their new family member rather than honor the commitment they made to him or her.
Due to the high numbers of dogs in need of rescue from kill shelters, CBHR is unable to accept owner turned in dogs at this time.

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Carolina Basset Hound Rescue

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